Following electrolysis and laser treatment take the following steps: 

Immediately after treatment: ​

  • No shaving! (but DO shave after the redness has subsided) 

  • No sun exposure! 

  • No makeup! 

  • No perfume! 

  • No scratching or rubbing!                                                                                                                                     Treat skin with one or more of the following: 

  • Cool water (esp. if witch hazel is irritating) 

  • Witch Hazel 

  • Aloe Vera Gel 

  • Savlon 

Possible side effects:


Depending on all the factors listed above, you can expect the treated area will have redness immediately after, which will last anywhere from half an hour to well into the next day. Common treatments include witch hazel to cleanse and soothe the area just after treatment, followed by a skin soother or aloe vera gel.


Depending on all the factors listed above, you will have some overall puffiness on your face, and some raised bumps or welts immediately after. 

Swelling may start to subside following treatment, or it may increase for several hours following and then take a day or two to go away. Ice is the most common method to reduce swelling, although ice often increases the redness. This is why it's good to schedule your treatment so that the redness and swelling won't be noticeable to others. Besides ice in a bag, some people use froze tissues or washcloths soaked in water, or those gel-packs used in coolers for food storage. 


Many find that the heat and/or chemical reaction from electrolysis leaves their skin very dry. This is often exacerbated by the use of hormones, which can have a similar effect on the skin. The dryness can get severe enough to be noticeable to others. The best treatment I've found is aloe gel for a day after treatment, followed by a fragrance-free emollient lotion.