There is no good area or bad area to start electrolysis for transgender person. What Electrolysis Clinic+ can advise is wait to start body work until your face is being cleared with an hour a week. 

Most common pattern:

-Face first and foremost

-Genitals prior to SRS

-Highly visible areas such shoulders, hands, feet, eyebrows, abdomen etc


Consult with your SRS surgeon as to his or her preferences for area to be cleared.

You should plan for genital electrolysis to take about a year, although most get done sooner. 

You must be scrupulous about hygiene when getting genital electrolysis, especially if getting it performed close to your surgery date. 


If you think it may be extremely painful for you, you may want to schedule a small test session at the end of a facial session before committing to a big block of time. 

Treatment suggestions: 

Try to schedule genital work when you have a large block of time: 

Trim hair in areas to be cleared, especially if thick. 

Wear old underwear and loose pants or, especially if using EMLA. 

You pay a higher hourly rate for genital electrolysis. 



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